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Workarts Design
Breakthrough ideas: is the traditional leather industry and the emerging cultural industry docking and integration. In 2012, POSAN leather industry cultural and creative projects began planning and start construction. The project through the transformation, upgrading the original leather industry's well-known brands, with reference to international standard design, currently contains leather culture square, leather fashion release center, leather goods e-commerce area, experience museum.

In the leather experience museum, a variety of modern leather goods design readily available, there are some from all over the world unique characteristics of leather goods, POSAN purpose is to create leather creative design incubator, give full play to R & D creativity in the leather industry chain role, And enhance the level of independent research and development and product creativity. In addition, POSAN also set up the DIY experience area & rdquo ;, you can be a designer, personally guide the production and design nowadays the most popular brand-name leather goods.